True Colors Personality Test

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True Colors Personality Test Survey Assessment

True Colors Personality Test is an online personality survey designed to can help you understand your personality style or behavioral type, as well as those of others. The True Colors Personality Assessment provides easy to understand feedback into the your behavioral and personality type and those of others, this leads to greater self-awareness, as well as, better communication and rapport, whether it is in your personal life, professional life or in the areas of interpersonal relationships, sales, leadership, team effectiveness and management.

The True Colors Test can provide greater insight as to how others see you. You become aware similar and different behavioral styles, personality types and temperament with out getting lost in jargon or unnecessary complexity. Upon completing the online True Colors Personality Test, you will get instant results and can see your 20+ page True Colors report describing your behavioral tendencies and preferences. You will also get powerful and effective tools for helping you succeed and understand people who have different behavioral and communication styles in business, sales, school, career, family and life.

Learn whether you are Blue - Compassionate or Gold - Responsible or Orange - Spontaneous or Green - Conceptual. Which is your strongest color and your secondary color? Understand your personality and behavioral style with True Colors and get insight into career, communication and relationship preferences through the online True Colors Assessments and the many books exploring the True Colors personality model.

The true colors personality test is research based and fun to take online. The online assessment version is designed to access both your right and left brain in helping to determine your True Colors Personality Type. True Colors is used by throughout the world in the areas of business, education, healthcare, criminal justice, career counseling, mental health and within communities and religious organizations.

Based on our internal research we have decided to no longer offer the True Colors Test. We are recommending the DiSC Classic 2.O or the online DiSC Classic 2 Plus personality tests by Inscape Publishing a part of Wiley.


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